About – Mission & Vision

The Buckeye Forest Council (BFC) is a membership-based, grassroots organization dedicated to protecting Ohio’s native forests and their inhabitants. The BFC uses education, advocacy and organizing to address the need for forest preservation and low-impact recreation over logging and resource extraction. We seek to instill in Ohioans a sense of personal connection to and responsibility for Ohio’s native forests and to challenge the exploitation of land, wildlife and people. Our nation’s forests are essential “carbon sinks” and our primary terrestrial defense against the climate crisis. We work to protect our forests for their biodiversity and their provision of essential ecosystem services, including clean air and water and climate protection.

BFC has long focused on public forests. Recently we have expanded to address broader threats to climate and ecological and human health from dirty energy. Our work against utilities that get renewable energy credits to burn trees (“biomass”) for electricity and our work to ban deep-shale horizontal fracturing (fracking) and injection wells expose these dangerous false “energy solutions.”

We seek a world of healthy forests and healthy people, which depend on clean energy and an end to corporate poisoning of our planet enabled by government policies.